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Selling Your Diamond Jewelry in NYC has never been easier

When it comes to buying diamonds we mean business. We buy all kinds of diamond jewelry including but not limited to diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, eternity stones, colored diamonds, exotic diamonds, large and loose diamonds. We also buy gems as well. When it comes to selling any kind of diamond or diamond jewelry, you have to take into account the 4C’s, the color, cut, carat and clarity. All of these come into play and determine the price of the diamond.

We buy diamonds of all shapes and sizes and have certified diamond appraisers on hand to give you the best price for your diamond possible. You can call or fill out the form on the right to get started right away on selling your diamond in New York City for the best price guaranteed. First you make the call, set up an appointment and we will get started, bring in as much information with you and everything that came with the diamond (including paperwork, certificates etc.) as possible. Then we will have one of our certified experts examine and appraise the diamond right in front of you. We will explain the process and what is involved in selling a diamond on the second hand market and getting the best price possible for it.

Sell Diamond Jewelry NYC

We also buy (besides diamond engagement rings) exotic, large and loose diamonds as well as gems like rubies and emeralds. If it has value, we will pay you the most cash for your diamond jewelry hands down. There are many diamond buyers in NYC but none will give you the education, price and customer service that we can offer. We know diamonds inside and out, grade them and examine them right in front of you and explain to you the difference between retail and wholesale. We buy many diamonds that are certified or uncertified, GIA, EGL IGA with the reports and all. If you have any questions at all about selling your diamonds give us a call right away or stop by any Monday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm. It is best that you call in advance to schedule an appointment so we can reduce the waiting time. The best prices to sell diamonds are just a click away. Give us a call or fill out the form on the right for an instant quote or an appraisal on your diamond jewelry.

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Cash for Diamonds NYC

Selling a diamond or diamond jewelry in NYC has never been more simpler and easier with us, we offer the best service for buying diamonds at the best possible prices guaranteed. Please feel free to give us a call or fill out the quote form on getting top dollar for your diamond or diamond jewelry now. We offer a no hassle no gimmick process where all you do is bring us your diamond and any other paperwork, receipt or report that came with it and we will do our best to evaluate, appraise and determine its wholesale value. We buy any and all diamonds, certified or not, GIA, EGL, IGL and make the process fast, safe and secure. Selling diamonds for cash does not have to be difficult we make the process in getting your diamonds sold for the best price guaranteed. When it comes to buying and selling diamond engagement rings and diamond jewelry we offer the highest prices paid for diamonds and all diamond stones and jewelry. We provide top prices for all engagement rings, diamonds and the liking. Feel free to check out our diamond engagement ring post for more information on getting the most cash for your diamond engagement rings.

We Buy Diamonds, Engagement, Wedding, Loose, Rare diamonds at the highest prices guaranteed.

Buyers of New York is not your typical diamond buyer in NYC. We are your go to stop for knowledge, appraisals, estimates and all certifications for any diamond you wish to sell. We buy all kinds of diamonds, diamond rings, wedding rings, engagement rings, eternity bands, diamond jewelry, loose stones, colored stones and any other genuine natural diamond you can think of. We will pay more and the process will work a lot faster if your diamond is GIA certified, if not, its still not a problem, it is just that the more paperwork and certificates you have with your diamond the easier and faster it is. Remember when selling a diamond with us please bring everything that came with is and do not forget your ID.